Calm down son, he said, listen to me, I’ll show you the way.

Enter son, the Guru said, in a voice so wise yet so stern,

How can I help you today? I don’t have much time to burn.

Pleadingly, I said: teach me what to say, teach me what to do,

After seeing these test results, I honestly have no clue…

Calm down son, he said, listen to me, I’ll show you the way,

Words have a strong healing power, I’ll teach you what to say.

But before you say a single word, greet them with a smile,

If you simply did that, you’ve traveled the extra mile.

Heres a secret: patient communication is an art,

Which, if mastered properly can heal every severed heart.

So let your words be gentle, let every word be sincere,

And give patients a chance to talk, lend them a listening ear.

Listen to what they say, pay attention to what they don’t,

You’d expect them to say everything, but they won’t.

For malady has stricken their bodies and dismantled their strength,

And they know that the road they have to travel is of great length.

Don’t let them travel alone, but be their friend, be their guide,

Lead their way to healing, and through hard times teach them how to glide.

Don’t be afraid if you have few answers or none at all,

They are just searching for a fleck of hope, no matter how small.

Therefore, say what you know and make sure you are soft-spoken,

For words, when gently said, can amend a soul that’s broken.

But when words fail you and eloquence looms over barren land,

Don’t be scared, you could always sooth them by holding their hand.

Son, he concludes, treat them with kindness and you will earn their trust,

And help them find the hope that illness turned into fleeting dust.

Show them through spoken and unspoken words that you truly care,

And stay for an extra minute if you still have one to spare.