Share your candle’s light during someone else’s darkest night,

For life’s hardest storms often hit without us being aware,

and leave us hurt and seemingly broken beyond repair,

Until that one person comes and shares their glowing candle’s light.

After your surgery,

Your endearing smile was seen shining like a snowflake melting into the sunset sky,

And falling graciously into a lively stream that meets a sea full of hope and gratitude.

Our time is seen; the beautiful earth, the sea

Our ephemeral shades on the stars are blended.

Our nights are long and long, and die in the dark,

And our shadows of light are half unheeded.

With the other half reverberating through eternity,

The half emanating from the lights of a kind heart.

Physician to mother:

I have bad news at the end of your day:

results are not promising, I must say.

Cancer has spread, and it’s here to stay,

an unwelcome guest, like rain in mid-May.

We’ll start the treatment without delay,

and leave the rest to God to whom we pray.

Mother to God:

Why me? What kind of mistake have I done?

Health and vigor in my veins used to run,

but now, grey clouds of illness block my sun.

Dear God, please grant me a wishmy last one.

Kindly take good care of my only son.

She entered the clinic today with tears filling her eyes

She entered the clinic today with tears filling her eyes,

And stared in silence as if tomorrow’s sun won’t rise.

I tried to inquire and find the main reason behind her cry,

But she remained silent and responded only with a deep sigh.

A sigh that reminded me of one of my patient’s last breath,

A sigh that told me all that I needed to know about her health.

I didn’t need a stethoscope to listen to her ailed heart,

Nor a CT scan to read the thoughts that are tearing her apart,

And surely did not need an indirect…

There, the seconds turn into minutes and minutes into hours…

There’s a place in our clinic that’s pretty unique,

Which I observe on Mondays and Tuesdays of every week.

It’s a place where hope meets despair and happiness meets gloom,

It’s the place where time expands; it’s the dreaded waiting room.

There, the seconds turn into minutes and minutes into hours,

Anxiety fills the air and patience gets steadily devoured.

After a few sighs and fidgets comes the time of decision,

The time to fulfill one’s hopes and meet the wise physician.

The meetings are sacred, the physician so focused, so composed,

The patients wait again for the diagnosis to…

Calm down son, he said, listen to me, I’ll show you the way.

Enter son, the Guru said, in a voice so wise yet so stern,

How can I help you today? I don’t have much time to burn.

Pleadingly, I said: teach me what to say, teach me what to do,

After seeing these test results, I honestly have no clue…

Calm down son, he said, listen to me, I’ll show you the way,

Words have a strong healing power, I’ll teach you what to say.

But before you say a single word, greet them with a smile,

If you simply did that, you’ve traveled the extra mile.

Here’s a secret: patient…

Behind her tearful eyes I see a crying soul.

Behind her tearful eyes I see a crying soul,

Aimlessly winding through a night so cold, so dark,

Searching for the light through despair’s tiny hole,

Sadly though, illness left its everlasting mark.

Her mind is as heavy as fruitful trees in June,

Her body as thin as leafless trees in winter,

Her heart broken and saddened just like a clouded moon,

Weeping in pain as if pierced by the sharpest splinter.

However, I am here as her healthcare provider,

To heal her mind, body, and soul and give her hope,

Bring her light and make her day a little brighter,

Even when hope is lost and life hangs by a fine rope.

So the best I could do is treat her with a smile,

Knowing that it might be her best for a while.

Antonio Yaghy

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